*Please book an appointment for a clay imprint.*

Foot & Hand Imprint

Capture your child’s hand or footprint on a ceramic piece of your choice, whether a plate to hang on the wall, a mug for Daddy’s coffee or a teapot for Granny.

We paint your baby’s feet or hands with our water-based, non-toxic paints and place it on the pottery to take a print.  You can then add your own wording and decoration, or we can do it in the studio for you.

Clay imprints

In addition to painted prints, crockadoodledo also offers clay imprints of hand and feet.  We take an impression of a hand and foot or two hands or two feet – the choice is yours – in clay.  Once the clay has dried, we fire it, paint it to your specification, glaze it and fire it again.  The imprint can then be mounted and framed, creating a beautiful, lasting memory.